Going beyond mission & vision statements, explore the facets of our shared culture…


Source of inspiration. Target of preservation.

From Kuwait, the hottest spot on the planet, inhabitants of this land have collaborated to produce what desert nature always succeeds in producing; icons of highly adaptability and endurance.

And as we are a product of such environment, our self-preservation instincts aim to sustain and protect our shared environment and it is evident in our daily work, operational design, and product features. We continuously strive to lead a manufacturing environment that meets and exceeds legal environmental mandates as we are lead by a higher responsibility to protect our environment.


Applied To and Practiced By Man, Machine, and Everything In Between.

Surpassing its quantitative and qualitative definitions, quality is deeply engrained in our shared culture. It is alive and present the midst of our daily office work, in our verbal and written communication, inside and throughout each technical procedure, and -most importantly- in the confidence and satisfaction of our valued clients.


Made by humans for humans. Evidence of willpower in its purest form.

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  • Providing Solutions To Unique Manufacturing Challenges

  • Multiple Inhouse R&D Laboratories

  • Multi Faceted Inhouse Training Programs

  • Highly Experienced Qualified Staff

  • Catering to STEM Professionals