Some view it as work

Some view it as an industry

We view it as our craft

Decades of Experience

Coolex was founded in 1986 as Kuwait’s first HVAC local manufacturer. Launching with a solid foundation of air conditioner design offerings, we have proceeded to serve local market in various sectors with residential and commercial models.

Three decades later, we have grown to acquire Kuwait’s highest residential market share as well as becoming a formidable regional supplier of both residential and commercial HVAC products and solutions. And as we are closing to our 4th decade of operations.

Industrial Pedigree

Coolex is closing in to its 4th decade of operations, its industrial roots reach back even farther.

Coolex parent company, RIC was established in 1973 as a specialized industrial company in charge of designing and manufacturing, and implementing HVAC solutions into Kuwait’s infrastructure and large scale projects.

Manufacturing Prowess

Annual Production
Dedicated and Updated Factories
Purpose Built Assembly Lines
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Inhouse Psychrometric Laboratory
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Product Mastery