Coolex was developed in 1986 following RIC’s technical collaboration with international industry leaders York. A true pioneering accomplishment, Coolex was brought to the Kuwait market as the first in the region and as the only air conditioning manufacturing company in Kuwait.

High standards of quality, competitive pricing and a wide array of products have always been imperative to the vision of Coolex since its establishment, and this continues to be vitally important.

Coolex strives to provide the absolute best to their customers through continuing in-depth research and development. The wide variety of products which Coolex offers range from:

  • Concealed Ducted Split – For use in residential and commercial buildings. This product is the advanced and more efficient replacement for mini splits.
  • Ducted Split Series – Designed for use within apartment buildings and small office units. They provide excellent flexibility in temperature control.
  • Rooftop Package Series – Mainly used for villas, office buildings, medium sized malls etc.
  • Air Cooled Water Chillers – Used in large projects such as large scale mall complexes and Governmental buildings.
  • Air Handling Units
  • Fan Coil Units
Coolex has proved to be another pioneering aspect of RIC and provided the first air conditioning units to pass the Ministry of Electricity’s strict new regulations for lowering power consumption in 2010. The new regulations enforced a maximum of 1.6 Kw/TON @118.4°F. The Coolex average was 1.42Kw/TON.

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